3 Ways To Make Coffee at Home

There are two types of people in this world, people who love coffee and those who do not. Loving coffee isn’t enough because the cohort who claim to love it is further broken down into how they love coffee. The path of the coffee addicted is two-fold, those who seek quantity and those who seek quality. The group that you fall into is very telling. This article is for the lovers of coffee who prefer quality over everything else. When we say quality, what do we mean? For us, quality is all about having the best grade of coffee, the best beans, the best brands, but it is also about the various techniques in which coffee is made and served. Hence we have, the 3 Best Ways To Make Coffee.

Method 1: Cold Brew

making cold brew coffee

Cold brew is magical, and no that isn’t a coffee-related hyperbole. Cold brew has the ability to remove the acidity in coffee, making it easier on the body, while also making it smoother and far more potent. Cold brew is exactly what it sounds like, think making tea but without hot water, allow cold water to defuse the coffee to perfection slowly, this is what cold brew is all about. It makes you coffee healthier, it makes it smoother, and it makes the caffeine in it far more potent. On the internet, you can find equipment at all price ranges that will allow you to make cold brew from home.

Method 2: French Press

This is the gateway to coffee aficionado land. When the majority of coffee lovers think about the best way to prepare and serve high-quality coffee, they think about the wonder French Press. Real coffee drinkers hate drip coffee from a home coffee maker; even the K-cup ones are not up to muster if the experience is what you are looking for the most. A french press has the advantage of getting more flavor from the coffee beans than most methods. No, you do not have to go to your local barista to have this, you can buy a high-quality French Press that will last you a lifetime right from the internet.

Method 3: Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee in a cup

Turkish coffee is an all-time favorite. It does take having either an excellent grind coffee grinder or buying fine ground coffee. This method uses finely ground coffee directly in boiling water. As the coffee brews, the grinds fall to the bottom, requiring zero filtering to enjoy. This method makes some of the strongest and most full-bodied coffee that you will ever have. You have to try it. Fine coffee grinders can be purchased on the Internet as well as Turkish Coffee sets.

Of course, if you really want to step your game you might consider buying a high-end espresso machine. This will allow you to make cafe quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.

We have talked about 3 of the best ways to make coffee. We hope that you will get the supplies to give each one of them a try because we know that you will love it. Sample different techniques and figure out which method of preparing and consuming coffee fits you best.

The Different Types of Coffee Bean

Are you enjoying your morning cup of joe as you read this piece? Perhaps you’re like me, and you also enjoy coffee at times throughout the rest of your day. Do you like a dark roast? There are many coffee varieties, and they are available from many different branded countries throughout the world. When it comes to coffee beans, there are four main types. What are they?

Robusta is one of the four main types of coffee beans. There are many Robusta varieties. If you’re not familiar with which type of coffee bean you prefer, perhaps this piece can help you identify your favorite or lead you to try something new.

There are rankings in terms of the popularity of each type of coffee bean. For example, Robusta comes in at #2 out of the 4 types in terms of production throughout the world. Have you heard of Arabica coffee? That is the #1 coffee bean sold throughout the entire world.

If you compare Arabica coffee beans to Robusta coffee beans, you are going to notice a difference in the amount of caffeine. Which do you think contains more? Both are strong, bold coffee beans with many flavors, but the Robusta has double the caffeine that Arabica beans do.

As you can imagine, Robusta coffee has an extremely potent and rich flavor. Do you like iced coffees? If you’re like me, and iced coffees are one of your favorite drinks, you might want to consider Robusta coffee beans.
So far, two types of coffee beans have been identified. Many people have at least heard of Arabica coffee beans, and Robusta is also a more familiar name. After all, they are the #1 and #2 most popularly coffee beans sold.

If you look at the history of this next coffee bean, you find out that it could have been #1 had circumstances been any different. Instead, the Liberica coffee beans weren’t even widespread for quite sometime after their initial introduction. One thing about Liberica coffee beans that is interesting to note is that they are the largest.

This last coffee bean is sometimes grouped with Liberica coffee beans. In some people’s eyes, there may be three main types of beans. Many people still say that Excelsa beans are their own variety. You might just have to taste it yourself to find out. While you don’t have to travel to southeast Asia to make that happen, you can if you want to make it an adventure.

That is where the Excelsa coffee beans are prominent. Now you know the four types of coffee beans. Are you familiar with which one you drink regularly? Maybe it’s time to try out not just a different brand or flavor, but a different type of coffee bean. You might as well if you are a coffee connoisseur because there is always something new to try out. If you find out what you already drink is what you like best, that’s great, but try out some new coffee beans to see what you think.

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